Work Summary

My clients hire me for everything from one-shot “fix-it” projects and specific improvement to comprehensive website development and ongoing maintenance. As their website strategist, I determine the necessary steps toward completing the project and identify the most efficient route to achieving each step. I am a generalist with expertise in seeing the big picture. In some cases, I also am the best qualified professional to tackle the technical work; in other cases I serve as the liaison and outsource the task to a specialist. Examples of my long-term projects are outlined below.

In early 2017 I began my professional relationship with Rosanne Ullman. I first rebuilt Write My Memoirs in order to make it much more mobile friendly, and I added her requested payment forms to the website. In November 2018 we launched a new, fully functional user area using custom plugins where members have tools to help them write their books and access their data that was transferred from the old website. The process to get to this point was long and drawn out due to the sheer number of users and all of the processes offered by this site. Our next project will be working together to launch a Grammar and Writing Course in 2019. My professional capabilities continue to be the perfect fit to take this business to the highest possible level of success.

I was originally hired by Chris Wickliffe in early 2013 to implement minor technical adjustments to the WordPress website for WickWerks Cycling Components. Most of the adjustments provided a more mobile-friendly experience to the website’s visitors. Due to the immediate success of that project, along with my years of professional experience and total dedication to the utmost quality and superior service, Chris re-hired me at the start of 2016 to facilitate an entire revamp of the website, which has been overwhelming successful.

The success of my work with WickWerks caught the eye of Eldon Goates. Our conversion onto WordPress of his two Synthesis Engineering and Mechanical Elements websites was a complete success, and I have continued to maintain the websites since the July of 2016.

Since early 2013 I have maintained a professional relationship with Andrew Murphy, the owner of SoCalTrucks. I launched a new design of the website in November 2017 and currently am in the process of perfecting the mobile phone design to achieve the highest quality in function and reliability. I have also helped Andrew maintain and track the traffic by implementing onsite SEO, using keywords, tags and Google Analytics. I implemented a custom post type for the classifieds section using Toolset for the listing pages, and I built a payment page using Gravity Forms.